I was told to "dream a bit and take some risks"

 It all started in October 2015 when our marriage therapist encouraged us to  "dream a bit and take some risks!" As a young married couple and new parents, I was running on empty. I felt like I lost myself a bit in the adjustment from only having to care for myself to the major transition of my new roles. When our therapist said that to me, I feel like he gave me permission to rediscover myself. 

...and so I dreamed

 Around that time, my sister gifted me some family photos printed on wood slices by PhotoBarn. I loved the rustic look of the wood picture suspended by twine over a screw, but I could not get over the exposed screw head next to my beautiful art!

Which is how this idea of an embellished screw head cover came about. suspend.it was born!

I decided to embellish interchangeable screw-head covers with some of my favorite things. I've always had a fascination with geodes, so that's what I started with, but I now use all sorts of elements to adorn my decorative covers to improve the aesthetic of any space. 

Now I can switch out the suspend.it cover in a snap whenever I want to refresh my space and my art is elevated by the suspend.it and given the finished look it deserves. 

Doesn't get much easier.

I am proud to announce that my decorative nail/screw/tack covers are now Patented and my trademarks were just approved by the USPTO! 

Jewelry for your walls®

Thank you for following along on my creative journey and helping make my dream my reality!