The Story

The nudge I needed..

Just like most great ideas, was born out of necessity. A necessity for rediscovery. Entering into young married life and full-time motherhood of two boys was a challenge for me. My previous free-spirited, walk my own path at my own pace nature had a hard time. I felt lost in the shift from only having to care for myself to the major transition of my new roles. I was running on empty and life continued to get more stressful. During this time my therapist told me to “dream a little and take some risks.” He gave me permission to rediscover myself. Despite everything feeling different, I was still me. I could still find ways to forge my own path in my new identity. It was time to let me be the creative visionary I knew myself to be.  

The gift that started it all...

Around the same time I was given the permission slip to take a risk, my sister gifted me family photos printed on wood by PhotoBarn. I loved the rustic flair of the portraits suspended with twine over a screw. The problem was I couldn’t stand the sight of my beautiful photos hanging on the blemish of exposed screws. The ugly screws were stealing attention away from the pretty art. I couldn’t let that happen. These beauties deserved better. And I was ready to dream. They were the perfect gift at the right time to inspire my own path of rediscovery. 

Finding the missing piece from blemish to beauty...

My decorative nail and screw head covers are embellished with some of my favorite things. I’ve always had a fascination with geodes, so I started there. Now I use all sorts of elements to adorn my decorative covers to improve the aesthetic of any space. Finding creative ways to transform the blemish of an exposed nail in the wall with the beauty of things that bring me joy to look at was the missing piece I needed. SHOP the full collection of geodes, agates, gemstones, crystals, raw minerals, stained glass, brass and resin. 

Each is thoughtfully fabricated by hand and branded with my metal logo. The detailed finishing touch is important. That’s why I love delivering the that resonated with you in a branded cloth drawstring pouch with a handwritten heartfelt thank you. Thank you for following along on my creative journey and helping make my dream my reality!