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85 Pieces at wholesale pricing per discussion.

A simple, yet decorative solution to hanging pictures & art with twine, ribbon, wire etc and not have your ugly screw / nail head exposed.

I hate having to get exact measurements when hanging pictures and art, so I often opt to hanging my images with some sort of slack/twine/ribbon because it is so forgiving!

I developed this design myself and it has proved to be a simple solution to one of my biggest annoyances in decorating.

This decorative screw head cover embellishes any standard screw or nail head. They are easily interchangeable. Can be paired with the picture/art of your choice or freestanding on all its own.

Simply screw, snap and hang!

Style wholesale qty Extended Cost
Free Form Druzy Cabs 11.5 6  $            69.00
Rose Quartz Faceted Moon 13.5 1  $            13.50
Raw Stones 6 12  $            72.00
Amethyst Electroplated Slice 10.25 3  $            30.75
Amethyst Cluster 8.99 1  $              8.99
Ceramic Rainbow Collab 11.99 4  $            47.96
Geode Druzy halve 10.25 4  $            41.00
Labradorite  18 1  $            18.00
Agate Electroplated Pendant 2.5 37  $            92.50
Agate with Drill Hole 2.5 16  $            40.00
85  $          433.70

*free form druzy are not necessarily the ones pictured that will be shipped as customer has requested more neutral colors. 

I provide muslin drawstring bags, screws and business cards for the stones.